Reduced Financial Risk

Reduced financial risk

Saul CA delivers commercially astute advice to clients to reduce their financial risks. Using a qualified Chartered Accountant guarantees a high standard of financial management and accountability.

Use Saul CA to strengthen your control on your finances and reduce risk.

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial certification
  • Deed Upgrades
  • Fund Establishment
  • Minutes, Applications and Declarations
  • Trustee Company Establishment


Saul CA helps align your business’ commercial needs with its tax requirements. We will help match your expenditures with your business forecasts to ensure you get the right mix of debt and equity. 

We assess your financing structure to make sure it is appropriate for your size and growth expectations. We will advise you on loan restructuring to take advantage of commercial and tax opportunities and to protect your existing assets.

Actuarial certification

When a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) has current pension liabilities, an actuarial certificate can be obtained which entitles the fund to claim an exemption from income tax for a proportion of the net ordinary assessable fund income.

SMSF Deed Upgrades

If the law changes relating to SMSFs, then your SMSF deed and rules need to be reviewed. Saul CA regularly reviews our clients’ SMSF deeds to ensure they comply with current SMSF law.

Fund Establishment

Saul CA will help you set up a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). SMSFs are an alternative to investing in large superannuation (super) funds managed by professional trust managers. It gives you greater control and flexibility with your investment portfolio.

Minutes, Applications and Declarations

Saul CA will help you set up, manage and administer SMSFs. We help with applications for membership, trustee minutes, and trustee declarations.

Trustee Company Establishment

Saul CA can assist you to establish a corporate trustee structure for your SMSF. When starting an SMSF there are two options for the trustee structure, one uses individual trustees the other uses a corporate trustee. The key advantage of using a corporate trustee structure is that it protects the trustees from personal liability in the case of major losses or litigation in the case of disputes.