Optimum Business Profitability

Optimum business profitability

Saul CA delivers commercially astute advice to clients to optimise their business profitability. Using a qualified Chartered Accountant guarantees a high standard of financial management and accountability.

Use Saul CA to help build your profitability through strong financial management.

  • Management consulting
  • Company and Trust formation
  • Estate planning
  • Accounting software consulting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Preparation of Government Grant Applications 
  • Accounting and Tax Planning
  • Corporate secretarial
  • Strategic planning and advice
  • Superannuation

Management consulting

Saul CA helps with business planning. We help align your business’ commercial needs with its tax requirements. We will help match your expenditures with your business forecasts to ensure you get the right mix of debt and equity. 

We assess your financing structure to make sure it is appropriate for your size and growth expectations. We will advise you on loan restructuring to take advantage of commercial and tax opportunities and to protect your existing assets.

Company and trust formation

Saul CA provides a range of company structures and other company related services. We establish new companies by preparing documentation required by the Corporations Act 2001 and registering the companies with ASIC. 

Managed investment funds have a number of specific requirements. Saul CA will advise you on the correct treatment of managed investments , such as including income or credits you receive from an investment product in your tax return.

Estate planning

Saul CA helps clients with their estate planning to protect their investments in the event of their death or disability. This ensures a positive future for the individual if they are disabled and particularly for their family if they are disabled or deceased.

We strongly recommend to our clients that they undertake estate planning. It provides huge benefits. We keep client records and maintain details of their estates which are often difficult to find  when someone passes away.

Accounting software consulting

Saul CA will assess your business financial operating systems and provide advice on risk management and corporate governance. We advise on selecting and installing accounting software systems to meet your business needs.

Budgeting and forecasting

Saul CA produces business cash flows and profit projections for our clients. We can even help our clients set up business systems and cloud accounting products to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual management accounts.

We advise on the best options for funding property, plant and equipment. We advise on the best financing option for obtaining assets or plant. Options include purchase, lease, hire purchase or chattel mortgage options. 

Preparation of Government Grant Applications

When you become aware of a Government grant that you might be eligible for notify us and we’ll undertake an assessment of the grant and your eligibility. We monitor the grant market and can notify you directly when we discover a grant that is relevant to you.

Accounting and Tax Planning

Saul CA is a registered chartered accountancy firm and registered tax agent. We provide a full range of business accounting and tax planning services for businesses. 

We work with business owners to develop strategies to maximise the leverage of your assets and to minimise your tax liabilities to achieve your business’ financial goals.

Corporate secretarial

Saul CA provides corporate secretarial services to medium to large businesses. We understand company structures and business strategies and have experience of working to the Corporations Act. We will help maintain your good governance.

We will ensure your documents are filed on time and your company's share register is kept current. We will arrange Board and members' meetings and attend AGMs when required.

Strategic planning and advice

Saul CA assists businesses with their strategic planning by helping them consider a wide range of options and opportunities. We help organisations use strategic planning to set out their goals and visions and to develop actions and policies to achieve them. We help facilitate the management team’s input and change processes to update and modify the plan to keep it current and relevant.


The Australian Government encourages people to take responsibility for financing their own retirement through superannuation. Superannuation is a complex area and personalised planning is required for each individual. 

Saul CA will advise you on the best superannuation method for saving for your retirement. 

Saul CA is expert at establishing and assisting with the administering of self managed superannuation funds. We will help you establish an SMSF that suits your preferred investment strategy and reduce your tax liabilities.