What we do for our clients

We provide a quality service that builds your reputation. We emphasise the importance of quality and value-for-money in what we do. We focus on efficient and timely delivery linked with the highest level of integrity and independence. Here are a few case studies showing how we have delivered these benefits to our clients.

Saving our clients money

BACKGROUND: We identified $400,000 in savings for a client, who had received poor advice from his existing accountant causing his super fund to be non-compliant. The ATO was ready to take action, penalising the fund to an amount equivalent to 48.5% of its total. We carefully negotiated a detailed plan of action with the ATO. 

BENEFIT: This resulted in the ATO declining to take action and the client avoiding considerable penalties and loss of income.

Giving clients more options

BACKGROUND: We helped establish an SMSF to the value of $500,000 while  the client was renting premises for commercial purposes. We identified that more recent legislation allowed super funds to borrow in order to purchase business property (through a ‘bare trust’ structure). The client approached the landlord and they negotiated purchase of the property structured into the super fund.

BENEFIT: With the super fund as the owner of the property, our client was able to own commercial property and to benefit from the property’s capital growth.

Giving clients confidence

BACKGROUND: When working closely with an accountant on a $10 million SMSF (which included significant investments in art), we provided the guidelines and advised on “allowable” artwork investment. The ATO performed a random audit on the fund.

BENEFIT: The ATO found no issues due to our robust compliance strategy and the framework we provided.

Contact our clients

We encourage you to talk directly with our accounting firm clients to get their feedback. We can provide contact details so that you can get first-hand testimonials on why they like working with us to get the best result for their clients.