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Save money on Audit

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So often I am asked how do we save money on the audit?  This is often raised in connection with advertisements offering audits for what seems to be very low fees.

As an accountant I am sure you are aware there must be core work to be done in a proper audit, regardless of how well the job is presented.  If you want a quality audit which protects your client for the long term and identifies any possible future issues, then there is a base cost.

At our office generally the minimum fee for an audit is $???.  Dale check with David does he want to say this, for how much?

To save money we suggest you 

Ensure professional trust deeds are used and kept up to date, preferably by one of the recognised suppliers

Reconcile all items in the financial statements with documentation

Ensure minutes are up to date and signed

Encourage trustees to avoid investing in complex financial products 


If you feel you are a special case, please call our office.